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Dell'Osso Family Farm
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We are excited to announce  the

"Haunted Village"

Open daily at Dell'Osso Family Farm's Annual

Pumpkin Maze Event

October 3, through October 31, 2020

Join us for a Unique  Family  Experience

Safety First !

Dell'Osso Family Farm is excited to welcome families to their farm this October.

The farm will look different  as they implement COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We want you to know that your health and safety, and that of their employees, is of utmost importance to them.

Within a very short time their website will be modified to include information about  safety guidelines, a list of all open attractions, and information on how to purchase tickets ONLINE.

Please check back soon for the updates.

The Haunted Halloween Village LOGO.png
Feeding Swamp Monster
Haunted Village Castle Dell'Osso Family Farm
Feeding the Swamp Monster.jpg
 Comical Witches
Dark Fairy | Haunted Village
Storybook Witch
Green Slime
Dell'Osso Pumpkin Man
Dark Fairy | Haunted Village
Dark Fairy | Haunted Village
Frankenstein Haunted Village
Blobulus (Blob)
Dell'Osso Pumpkin Fairy

We are a San Francisco Bay Area “Award Winning” family owned business that has been custom designing, creating and manufacturing high performance cosplay and custom mascot characters since 1985.


Whether you want to rent or buy…we can help! 

Our "imagineers" are experts at customizing to make your next idea a reality.

We offer an extensive collection of professional rental items including theatrical scenery and backdrops, props, special effects, portable stages, sound equipment, specialty characters and much more.


In addition to our sizeable rental inventory, we also provide a full range of professional quality entertainment show packages, theatrical consulting and learning workshops.


Collaboration is the key with all of our clients.


Feel free to contact us with your individual needs and details, and we will be happy to assist you with your next awesome project!

Yes... your eyes are correct.  This is an eight foot tall Giant 's head!

We have the best designed and easy to operate full sets of Audrey II plants and show props available. 


Whether you want to

rent or buy…we've got you covered.

Make your next performance the absolute best

it can be!

Click on any one of the photos to see more!

Audrey II Stage One
Audrey II Stage Two
Audrey II Stage Three O[en Mouth
Audrey II Stage Three Closed Mouth
Audrey II Stage Four With Flowers
Laurence HS Tornado
Tornado Custom Mascot back view

Our custom Tornado, Cyclone, Hurricane, Storm mascots etc. are unbelievable!

Made with the power of thunder...we aim to please our clients.

Choose from a large variety of custom body, arms, legs and moving lightening bolt colors based on your school or organization.

This guy will surely make an explosive entrance for any sports, cheer leading or promotional event.

Tornado Mascot Orange High School
Tornado Custom Mascot Purple
Mills College Storm Mascot - Copy.png

Our Custom Premier Mascots are the face of education, small business and Fortune 500 Corporations.


Over 50% of our customers come to us after being unhappy with what they received from another company. We produce the absolute highest quality mascots and stage productions available anywhere…guaranteed.

Our crews have been building mascots and performing around the world for 30 years, with one happy client after another. There are few limitations to what can be achieved for your mascot.

Monster Cable Custom Mascots
Intermission Productions
Intermission Productions Logo transparen

Offering Celebrity Guest Appearance Services

Margaret Kerry | Celebrity Guest
Dave Woodman | Disney Animator
Kathy Garver | Celebrity Guest
Travis Campbell | Celebrity Guest
Henry Brown | Trick Roper
Vision Producers Logo.jpg
Ronald J. Fields | Celebrit Guest
Dangerous Dinos
Rocko Gecko, Ty Rex & Bubba



Original and Award-Winning live productions. EDUCATIONAL!

Featuring custom, exciting and positive messages:  

Anti-drug, Anti-smoking and Self Esteem.  Perfect for schools, fundraisers, parties, theaters, fairs and festivals.


Dangerous Dinos™

Fantasy Comes Alive *

• Themed Shows:

Circus * Easter Fifties * Games & Contests *  Haunted Houses *

 Holiday ShowsWestern


All of our shows are easily adaptable and can be customized to suit your event needs.

Check out our highly successful workshops from  

2015 * 2016 * 2017 * 2018 * 2019

Due to Covid-19 we must cancel the

2020 Workshop Season.

Stay safe and be well!


Your imagination is an abundant source of inspiration for your creative ideas.  During these workshops, participants will explore their imaginations in a supervised group environment. 


We will encourage you to embark on an artistic journey into the landscape of your mind's eye and unlock your hidden talents through building and performing.

Muppet Style Puppet Makin Workshop

Click the photo to see our life size 

"Sea Captain" figure

appearing in the 2019 hit movie 

Knives out!

Knives Out | Sea Cap[tain Figure

Captain Jack | Created originally for rental for the play "Sleuth".

Sea Captan | For Rent | Knives Out

Please join us October 2021 as we host

"Cosplay on the Farm"

at Dell'Osso Family Farm in Lathrop, CA.


Cosplayers get in FREE! 

(Qualifying costumes only) 

Click on the picture above for any updates. 

Signups available all day up to 15 mins. before each contest. 

Hospitality tents will be provided to change and rest in.

 October 2021

Cosplay Contest Times : 

2:30pm | Children up to age 17

 4:30pm | Adults 18 & over

8:00pm | Groups 

Look for the Pirate Stage next to the Pig Races 

Up to $300 for 1st place winners!

Cosplay on the Farm _ Intermission Produ


   See you in 2021   

Meet Celebrity Guest Cosplay Judge
Ronald J. Fields 
Ronald J Fields Zed Card 5x7.png

Dell'Osso  Family Farm's

 "Interactive Pirate Shows"

 October  2021

Back by popular demand!  

To all Dell'Osso Guests:   

We will certainly strive to make sure your visits with us will always be... 

"Your Best Family Entertainment Value"

We are at our best when we take care of each other. 

Stay safe and well! Thank you!

Dell'Osso Family Farms/Intermission Productions
2021 Pirate Showtimes:
Fridays                             | 8:00pm 
Saturdays | 2:30 | 4:30 | 8:00 pm
Sundays | 2:30 | 4:30 | 7:00 pm
Pirates | Dell'Osso | Kraken
Pirate Interactive Show | 2018 | 2019
Pirate Show Photo All Pirates.jpg
Pirates  no sign 6. Edited 2jpg.jpg

Located in Tracy, CA.


• Staging (with steps, risers and hand rails)

• Sound and Lighting Equipment

• Special Effects Equipment


Clients are responsible for picking up and returning most all rentals, however, we can arrange to deliver the stages. 

We will work closely with you to ensure that your production needs are fully met.

Stage Rentals

(For Land Only)

We solve the self conscience problem that occurs with normal spandex mermaid outfits. Our mermaid outfits are custom made with fabric and foam that affords the comfort and feeling of being safe when wearing.

Our special stretchy design can cover a couple of sizes. In addition, we offer a custom insert that easily attaches to the back zipper which allows extra sizing to graduate as you grow.

• Superior design, construction and attention to detail.

• Mermaid outfits that will last for years.

• We have found that our mermaid outfits become family heirlooms.


"If You Can Dream It, We Can Seam It!"

Feel free to contact us!

Contact: Sher Lancaster

(209) 814-1994

Direct Email:


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Dark Fairy | Haunted Village