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Sheryl Madison Lancaster

Sher Lancaster



Dennis Lancaster

Dennis Lancaster

Creative Director





We are an "Award Winning" family owned business.


For over 30 years, our creative "imagineers" have been designing and manufacturing mascots, stage sets, haunted houses, puppets and much more.

While performing at fairs, festivals, malls, schools theme parks and more around the United States, we have won awards and continue to expand our lineup of shows.

There are really few limitations to what can be realistically achieved!


Our mission is to work "one on one" satisfying one happy client after another,

We listen to your ideas, and consider your wishes as we offer our expertise and experience. 

Nothing but the highest quality will do, as we design and create custom mascots and theatrical productions.


The finest workmanship and materials are used in order to enhance the visions of our customers for their businesses, schools, events, brands and more.

When you choose Intermission Productions... you've chosen the best!




With over 33 years of custom mascot design and creative experience, our expertise is unmatched. Every one of our mascots is built with quality, durability and affordability in mind.



As a small business, every job is very important to us. We go the extra mile to ensure you are thrilled with your new mascot.


Over 50% of our customers come to us after being unhappy with what they received from another company. We produce the absolute highest quality mascots and stage productions available anywhere. Guaranteed. 

What makes our Premier Mascots different from the other mascot building companies is that we know what works and what doesn't work. We line every mascot on the inside so there's no raw foam rubbing up against the actor's skin. 

This is more sanitary and, it helps the mascot maintain its new crisp look, thereby, lasting many more years than most mascots that are created from molds.


We use extremely light weight quality materials that put less pressure on the actor. This enables the actor to perform for longer periods of time with less fatigue and, with better range of movement. Our lightweight material creates a more durable mascot. We also provide an excellent cleaning and minor repair service which we highly recommend for all clients. Depending upon how often the mascot is used, we suggest that the average mascot be thoroughly sanitized/freshened every 6 months to a year. The cost for this service is usually around $300 to $500 plus, shipping back and forth.


In addition, we also provide a complimentary and unique "Custom User's Manual" for every mascot that we create. Customers sing our praises, and some call this their "Mascot Bible."


It all began way back in 1985, when Sher answered an ad in the newspaper for children's birthday parties. She immediately trained her five young children and created a lively entertainment troupe that performed at various children’s events on the weekends. Rave client reviews and an enthusiastic demand for her services quickly grew, prompting Sher to create/operate the now successful Intermission Productions.


Meanwhile in another part of town...Dennis was steadily honing his “incredible talent” and artistic craftsman skills.  During this time, he was designing and creating intricately detailed mascots for Walt’s Productions.

His commissioned pieces were sheer works of art. As news of his talents rapidly spread throughout the community, special requests for his services started flooded in, allowing Dennis to branch off and start his own popular business called "Mr. Dinosaur and Friends."


In 1990, destiny called upon Sher when New Line Cinema gave her permission to use the Ninja Turtles brand at the Alameda County Fair and she commissioned Dennis to build her a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for her son Michael to wear in the shows. They became fast friends and instantaneously their formidable “creative partnership” started.

Soon after meeting, they toured the Western United States winning countless “Best Stage Entertainment” awards, swiftly garnering attention and critical acclaim, from state to state.


When that triumphant tour ended, Sher and Dennis knew the time was right to create their own set of super heroes and collectively formed the “The Dangerous Dinos” brand! The inaugural entertainment tour was so successful that before long they were heralded the “Best Fair Children’s Entertainment” in the nation! They even had their own "Dangerous Dinos and Friends" sherbet push-up ice cream product in 8 states called Dino Pop-ers.


Being appointed by the Golden State Warriors basketball team to custom build and operate a Haunted House for “Tipoff Night” at the Oakland Coliseum in 2000 was a true highlight for their careers.


On a special day in 2010, true to theatrical form, Dennis and Sher were married in a singularly unique wedding ceremony, with Godzilla as their ring bearer. Nowadays, they are content living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Proud to be grandparents to 14 and great grandparents to two, Dennis and Sher are enjoying their family, where they continue to provide: spectacular entertainment services for performance venues. 

Currently we are preparing to present the second year of the Electrifying "Tiny Town Parade" and  hosting Pig Races, at Dell'Osso Family Farm's Pumpkin Maze the entire month of October annually. 

We hard working and creative souls who enjoy creating impressive customized mascots for folks all over the United States and…living happily ever after.

So what do you say?  Let's get busy with your next great idea!

Thank you for visiting our website. 

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