Andy and Jeff Western show
Randy and Rindy the Rockin Raccoons
Gold Panning

A true “old fashioned” Western show with plenty of audience participation.


1.  Rope Tricks:  Children are invited to show their skills using specially designed trick ropes.


2.  Randy and Rindy:  An Interactive dance and musical number by "Randy and Rindy the Rockin' Raccoons" and Timber the Country Wolf.


3.  Barrel Racing:  Contestants race around barrels in a set format with stick horses and are timed by the Sheriff.  Everyone is a winner, and the contestant with the “best time” is given and an additional prize.


4.  Country Jamboree: Children from the audience make up the jamboree, featuring musical instruments of all kinds, such as a washtub bass, washboards, spoons, music sticks, jugs, cow bells, triangles and tambourines, etc.


5.  “Mighty Joe the Gentle Giant”: This gentle     character pays a visit for one of the jamboree     songs entitled “A Thing Called Love.”


6.   Explosive Ending: A rousing finale with an     explosive finish. 


7.   Gold Panning: A four hour option which includes the set up and Fool's Gold.  



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