Jurassic Circus

Audience participation activities and surprise characters (can be customized).


Suggestions: Tickles the Tiger, Crashing Cougar,

and Dangerous Dinos™  (Jurassic Circus).


1.  Ring of Fire. Children are invited to wear animal hats and walk through a pretend “ring of fire” as a Ringmaster holds the ring.


2.  Tight Rope. Everyone is invited to walk the “tight rope” specially made for ease and safety close to the ground.


3.  Balloon Popping Contest. This is where two sets of contestants stuff as many balloons inside their partner's stretch suit.  The one with the most balloons wins!


4.  Scarf Juggling. An elegant activity set to music.


5.  Springboard Catch. A character pops animal pillows in the air that are caught on the other side in a basket held by a contestant.


"If You Can Dream It, We Can Seam It!"

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