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Custom Puppet Design & Creation


Intermission Productions works with you to build your custom characters from either your designs or our professional designs. We work together with you to create Muppet style rod puppets for any event. Just contact us and start by discussing your needs.

Click the photo to see our life size "Sea Captain" figure

appearing in the 2019 hit movie 

Knives out!

Knives Out | Sea Captain Figure
Knives Out

Captain Jack | Created originally for rental for the play "Sleuth".

Sea Captan | For Rent | Knives Out
Captain Jack | Sea Captain
Custom Puppets & Workshops
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W.C. Fields Lifesize Puppet
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Sea Serpent Customized
Custom Creations


If it is a specific style of fabric or the right colors to make your brand pop, Intermission Productions is with you every step of the way to develop and produce the quality characters you deserve!


Contact us today.


Groucho Marx Lifesize Puppet
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