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Cheffield Mascot Drawing
Cheffield Chef - Intermission Productions Mascots 209-814-1994
Intermission Productions Mascots 209-814-1994
Intermission Productions Mascots 209-814-1994
Intermission Productions Mascots 209-814-1994


Over 30 years of custom mascot design and building experience. Our expertise is unmatched


Because we also perform with the very mascots we have built for ourselves over the years, we can surely say..."we know what makes the best mascot."


Every one of our mascots are built with quality, movability, durability, and affordability in mind.


We build a strong lightweight structure from the inside out, so your mascot will last over 20 years with proper care. Just so you know, five to seven years is usually the normal lifespan of most "other" manufactured mascots. This fact sets us apart as a proven leader in the mascot creating industry. 

Fry's Electronics - Intermission Productions Mascots 209-814-1994


Custom Mascot Design & Creation

Premier Mascots are the face of education, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

We are an award winning family owned business.


Over 50% of our customers come to us dissatisfied with mascots from another company.

We produce the highest quality mascots and stage productions available anywhere…guaranteed!


Our crews have been making mascots

and performing all around the United States

(including Hawaii) since 1985...with one happy client after another.


There really are no limitations to what

can be achieved for your mascot.

Fry's Electronics Astronaut Masco
Intermission Productions Mascots 209-814-1994


As a small business, every job means a lot to us. We go the extra mile to ensure you are thrilled with your new mascot. Our customer service is superb. We stay in contact with you, (the client) all along the way as we carefully craft our finest workmanship to construct the best mascot money can buy.

Hawaiian Baseball Mascots Drawing
Hawaiian Baseball Mascot
Hawaiian Baseball Mascot Back View
Hawaiian Baseball Mascots

Contact  Us Today to Discuss  Your Custom Requirements!

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