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All shows and activities include prizes and music. We can include special effects such as fog (water based), CO2 launchers, snow machines, bubble machines and more.  Each show runs about an hour and can be customized to be longer or shorter.  Many of these shows require at least one day ahead to set up. Exceptions do apply depending on the type of show requested

An original, award-winning motivational “live production” featuring exciting and positive messages, customized for your event.
Anti-drug, anti-smoking and self-esteem. 

The most extravagant and "in demand" show that we offer.  Prepare to enter into a space of theatrical wonder, as dreams really do come true in our “Fantasy Comes Alive” production.

A true “old fashioned” Western Variety show with plenty of audience participation including trick ropes, barrel racing and gold panning.

A "Blast From The Past" entertainment package which features tributes to "popular 50's" television shows and movies.

Audience participation, activities and surprise characters that can be customized to suit your event needs. Suggestions: Tickles the Tiger, Crashing Cougar, and Dangerous Dinos™   (Jurassic Circus).

Intermission Productions is famous for unique games and contests for ALL AGES!  These can be customized to fit in any of the shows listed here. This option is especially popular at birthday and private shows. Hula Hoops, Shape Balls, Pencil Toss, Name That Tune, Walking Numbers, Wiffle Ball Toss and more!

Birthday Entertainment
Birthday Entertainment
Birthday Celebration Stage

And the star of the show is...


Birthday Entertainment

And the star of the show is...



No matter what age of the person (s) we are honoring. 

Each will never feel more special than this moment in our Birthday Entertainment shows.

Contact us directly as we customize a birthday celebration that bridges the gap between generations. 

The more guests in attendance, the better.  

All ages welcome!

We specialize in one and half hours of spectacular unique entertainment that leaves your guests wanting more.

You have to experience this unique form of "ENTERTAINMENT WOW" to believe it!



Folks...We no longer offer our Award Winning Haunted Houses. 

 With over 25 plus years experience and over 60 Haunts later, we still celebrate our highly successful  “Halloween Entertainment Attractions"  They were uniquely different because of our theatrical technical ability and show biz mind-set. There were no "jump out and touch me" routines. Our productions were theatrical attractions on a grand scale that delightfully entertained all ages.


We offered two unique haunt style experiences.


Scary Good!

I pride myself in being a creative individual. I have to say these guys take creative to a whole new level. They are wizards in the art of placement, ingenuity and believability. True artistic professionals from the humorous ticket office girl, the female guide, the lobby and the very haunt itself. A great experience at a great price! 


Best Haunted House in Years!

The greatest quality Haunted House I've seen in many, many years. I'm not usually scared at Haunts, most are so cheesy but when I saw the dolls (the one thing that scares me the most) and when the marionette dropped, I almost peed my pants. Will definitely recruit more "victims" for this Haunted House. 



I hadn't been to a haunted house attraction in a long time and I wasn't expecting anything so well-done. Highly imaginative and gave me some chills!


Serious Experience!

These people pay close attention to detail. Well thought out and scarily entertaining. Bravo, Intermission Productions...well played!


The Best Haunt in Town!

This is the real deal! It's a heart pounding theatrical haunted walk experience on a scarrrry level that totally spooked me. I now sleep with the light on at night. I kid you not!


Our family "interactive" Haunted Halloween Village is a proven crowd pleaser!  Here kids and families become part of the amusement.  This "family friendly" and fun filled spooky event, includes 3 ongoing “main” events, several types of show activities, and can be customized to fit your request.



Calling upon our 30 plus years experience, our “Holiday Entertainment Shows” are uniquely different because of our theatrical mindset and attention to detail.  Our productions are a theatrical attraction on a grand scale guaranteed to delightfully entertain people of all ages!  We can customize each holiday experience and theme to suit your event needs.



One of our most popular and funniest shows. A hilariously scripted Christmas show with a cast of characters.  You won't believe the fun and the laughs as the audience joins in on the act to help the comical elves to SAVE CHRISTMAS!


Our Easter & Spring Wonderland is a fun filled holiday experience for families with young children. 

This delightfully unique experience places you and your little ones in an interactive and magical playground.

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