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Dell'Osso  Family Farm's
  Interactive Family Pirate Show
Returning by popular demand in future years with even more sets and fun!  

Pumpkin Man Dell'Osso Family Farm
Dell'Osso Family Farms
Pumpkin Fairy | Dell'Osso Family Farm
Pirate Flag
(For Reference) These were the Show Times
October 2, thru 31, 2021

Mondays & Thursdays  5:00pm | 7:00 pm
Fridays 4:30 pm | 6:30 pm
Saturdays  2:00 | 4:30 | 6:30 pm
Sundays  2:00 | 4:30 | 7:00 pm

Avast Thar Mates! 

Dell'Osso Family Farm's 


"Interactive Pirate Show"


This fun filled and fast paced family show returns to thrill audiences again.

Before the adventure officially begins, families  who show up early ( at least 15 mins before show time) will have a chance to participate in the Cannon Ball Toss.  

All contest participants receive a prize!

While supplies last. 

Winners receive additional rewards.


Now...get ready to set sail!


Join Captain Sher  and the pirate chicken... Chester.  Feel the thrill, as we raise the masts,  hoist  the Jolly Rogers , ready the cannons, weigh the anchor and  ring the bell exactly 5 times...


Your child will be encouraged to actually become part of the pirate crew!   

Parents, be prepared to click away as you capture these memories.    

We invite kids to arrive in their own pirate outfits if desired. 

Pirate hats will be available for purchase (while supplies last.}


We will embark on a journey  in to shark infested waters.  What will we pull on board?

It's a big one! 

Kayle the Friendly Shark ... But watch out for his Uncle Nickodemas who tries to crash through the strong hold!


Two dads from the audience will assist Captain Jim  and Captain Henry  in manning the cannons, as they join the pirate crew in battling the dreaded giant Kraken!  Your kids will have a blast sending this tentacled monster back to the briny deep!


Then, over 70 audience members will have a chance to play the

Pirate Drums orchestrated and conducted by Mighty Joe the Pirate King.

But watch out mateys!  Your drums may awaken the ghosts of pirates past, who will blast their cannons for the Grand Finale.   


Now,  Nickodemas, The Great White Shark is released from his  prison strong hold! 

Your children must gather their courage as they Walk the Plank past this snapping hungry monster. Parents, this is an exciting video opportunity.


But wait!   Your adventure is not over yet.  Shhhhhhh....Wanna know a secret?  Head on over to the pirate's treasure strong hold... 

As we slowly open the door, we reveal an enchanting surprise.  Even the most timid participants from the audience, along with their families, will want to enter  inside and meet... a beautiful Mermaid! 


Guests are encouraged to take pictures  and video throughout the adventure. 

Folks...don't miss this treasure trove of fun at Dell'Osso Family Farm.


Dell'Osso Pumpkin Man
Dell'Osso Pumpkin Fairy


Chester and Mighty Joe Pirates
Dell'Rina Mermaid

Dell'Osso  Family Farms 

Family Interactive Pirate Shows

September 29 - October 31,  2019

PIrates At Dell"Osso  Family Farm 2019
PIrates Pyramid Dell"Osso Family Farm 2019
Pirates Dell'Osso Swing 2019
Pumpkin Man Mascot
PIrates | Kraken | Dell'Osso
Dell'Osso Family Farm Pumpkin Fairy
Taylor Mermaid

Meet Dell' Rina the Mermaid! 

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