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Dangerous Dinos
Dangerous Dinos



It's time to buckle your seat belts when you experience this very popular Intermission Productions' original, Award-Winning and motivational “live production" featuring exciting and positive messages.  This fast paced show can be customized for your particular event. We include special effects and surprises you have to see to believe.  Not to mention the erupting volcano!

Example: Anti-drug, anti-smoking, self-esteem and more!


Pre-Show:   An impromptu appearance by Blobulus (Blob for short).  Blob is one of the interesting characters in the combination coloringbook / storybook of the Dangerous Dinos ™.

Blob is the result of a science project gone wrong by Andy and Jeff the comical janitors.  Blob is always a  mesmerizing hit while students and teachers are preparing  for the show to begin with great anticipation. 


1.  Drug Bug:  The show begins with the Drug Bug trying to convince students that smoking is cool.  Andy and Jeff (the comical "Jammin' Janitors") put a stop to the Drug Bug's efforts when he tries to convince everyone of such smoking nonsense.  The kids empower themselves and send the Drug Bug packing!


2.  The Three Aliens: A spaceship comes in for a dramatic landing.  Of all things, a colorful caterpillar turns into three Aliens (Klatu,  Barata and Nikto) who show us how to be Earth Friendly with plenty of gigantic visual aids. This is a beautiful and colorful segment.

3.  The Safety Kids: A very educational portion of the assembly where (using song and dance) Safety Kids Puppets teach us ways to stay safe in today's world.


4.  The Dangerous Dinos™: Ty Rex, Rocko Gecko and Bubba celebrate all students who are choosing to always do their best for themselves, their friends and families. Folks, this show thrills audiences of all ages and features an exhilarating conclusion.

The Dangerous Dinos motto is "Dinos Don't Do Drugs" and they encourage students to follow the 4D's.

Various lessons are entertainingly intertwined throughout the show without being preachy or boring.  Students are creatively "Edu-tained' and feel empowered to make good choices.  


This trio of super heroes will have you singing their theme song long after the show has concluded. It's “Dino-Mite!”

Note:  We can include a lesson plan by request.



Download  your  very  own  40 page



Story/Coloring  Book!

Dangerous Dinos Coloring Book


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