Dell'Osso  Family Farm's

  Interactive Family Pirate Show

September 28 - October 31, 2019

Back by popular demand!  

Dell'Osso Family Farms

Pirate Interactive Show Gallery

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Cannon Balll Toss
Before the show begins, families play "The Cannon Ball Toss" where everyone receives a prize while supplies last.
Captain Sher & Chester
Led by Captain Sher and Captain Chester the Chicken, the adventure begins!
Pirates Interaction begins
All audience members are welcome to join our Pirate crew for great adventures.
Kayle the Kind Shark
Ahoy mateys! We caught ourselves a big one!
Kayle Greeting the Pirate Crew
Kayle the KInd Shark | Back to Water
Kayle must return back into the sea, until next time.
Kayle Returns to the Sea
The Kraken Attacks!
We must fight off the attack of the Kraken! Will our crew survive?
Pirate dads | Cannons
Dads from the audience will keep us safe by shooting off the cannons!
Mighty Joe the Pirate KIng
Pirate Drums in Action
All audience members join in on playing the Pirate drums led by Mighty Joe the PIrate KIng.
PIrate Drums
If we play the Pirate Drums loud enough we may raise the spirits of pirates past.
Nickodemas Attacks
After the audience recovers from the shock, they will see how brave they are to Walk the Plank!
Pirate Drums!
NIckodemas the Giant Shark
Never underestimate Nickodemas! Brave pirates will walk the plank!
Mermaid in Her Cove
Even the most timid will enjoy spending time with a beautiful mermaid in her cove.
Mermaid & Captain Sher
Spend time with a beautiful mermaid in her cove!
Visit a beautiful mermaid in her cove.
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"If You Can Dream It, We Can Seam It!"

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