Important Announcement May, 2020

Below, is past Haunt information  for reference. 

After more than 60 awesome Haunted House attractions from 1990 thru 2016, we no longer operate our own haunted events.

Thank you for all these years of support folks! 

Calling upon our 30 plus years experience, our “Haunted Houses” have been uniquely different because of our skilled technical ability and show biz mind-set.
In other words, we brought so much more to the “Haunted Experience”  than most other Haunts, thus being voted the Award  Best Haunt 2015 in all of California and #8 in the nation!
All these  years, clients chose either our classic "Haunted House" or our popular
Children's "Interactive" Haunted Halloween Village... making their events spooktacular!
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Our haunted houses are a theatrical attraction on a grand scale guaranteed to delightfully entertain people of all ages!


We can customize each Intermission Productions Haunted House Experience and theme to suit your event needs.

Click the pictures below

to see some of the types of scaretacular effects

we bring to your event.




A proven crowd pleaser!  Here kids and families become part of the amusement.  This "family friendly" and fun filled spooky event, includes 3 ongoing “main” events, several types of show activities, and can be customized to fit your request.

Haunted Halloween Village

1.  Witches Brew – A trio of argumentative comedic witches who invite children to assist them in mixing their witches brew.  Kids have to reach into the big fuzzy box to find prop/toy items such as a witch's hand, a snake, a rat, or one of the other chosen ingredients for the brew.

Feeding the Swamp Monster

2.  Swamp Monster – One of our most popular acts.  Kids are invited to reach up close to the swamp monster (as he rises out of the swamp) and feed him comical looking giant bugs and fish.  He actually chews and swallows!

Frankenstein monster toggle

3.  Frankenstein's Monster – You never know what's going to happen when you "throw the switch!"  The monster may spring to life, make noises, or blast a steam of fog.

Mummy Wrap Contest
Pumpkin Man
Mummy Wrap Contest

This can all be combined with cameo appearances and hosted activities such as: The Pumpkin Man, The Slimy Green Ghost, and a Mummy Wrap Contest.


"If You Can Dream It, We Can Seam It!"

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