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Hooray! We have a CUSTOM stage for sale! 

This popular stage has been rented out to happy customers like you,

but it is now "For Sale".

Please call Sher Lancaster at 209 814-1994 for pricing and details.

  I am happy to answer any questions.


Keep scrolling down this page and see what you can do! Choose from a wide selection of stage footprints for your individual  needs. You will have the ability to customize your stage size based on a particular venue.

These nine (9) sturdy, individual and portable 6ft. by 8ft. stage sections, come complete with skirting, safety rails, two sets of stairs and two sets of platform risers. 

 You will have the ability to make events and performances spectacular and memorable.

The entire stage (when folded) and extra pieces can be stored or transported in a 20ft x 8ft covered truck or trailer with a ramp.

Each folded stage section rolls on wheels.

See photos below.  

Note: Speakers and sound system are not for sale. Only the stage is for sale. 

The most popular configuration is pictured below. 

These measurements are 24ft. x 18ft. x 30 inches.


Stage 3.png
Stage 2.png
Stage 4.png
Stage 1.png
Stage Stairs : Two Sets Available
Stairs and Riser copy.png
Stage Rails for Safety 
Stage Railing copy.png
Stage Section Folded:  5'8" Tall x 6.0' Wide
Stage section size when folded up for travel and storage
5'8" tall by 6'0" wide and rolls on wheels. 
Stage Folded for transit & Storage
Stage section folded for transit

Stage Sections Create These Footprints

Stage Configurations .jpg
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