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Your imagination is an abundant source of inspiration for your creative ideas.  During these workshops, participants will explore their imagination in a supervised group environment.  We will encourage you to embark on an artistic journey into the landscape of your mind's eye and unlock your hidden talents through building and performing.

Aesop's Fables LIve show 2017

Aseop's Fables Live Show- 2017

The Grand Theatre - Tracy, CA.

Aesop's Fables 2017

 The Aesop's Fables Acting Camp may begin again in 2024! Check back for updates. Thank you for  your support. We appreciate it very much.

Aesop's Fables Acting Camp  

Mon - Fri 11am to 2pm ages 7 and up!

The Grand Theater Center For The Arts - 715 Central Ave. Tracy, CA 95376


Aesop's Fables 

A unique and fun acting class that is a celebration of the Theatre of Ancient Greece. We will be presenting several stories about the human condition by Aesop. Students will create elaborate head pieces of the various characters and participate in different capacities in each of the stories. We provide encouragement for all skill levels throughout the process to make this a very enriching experience. Students will take home their elaborate headpieces at the end of the camp.

Students should bring a bagged lunch.

This class is underwritten with financiel support by the generosity of the Grand Foundation. 

Aesop's Fables 2017

The Muppet Style Puppet Making Workshop 

may begin again in 2024! Check back for updates.  We appreciate your support very much.

The Grand Theater Center For The Arts

715 Central Ave. Tracy, CA 95376


From foam to fabric and various color choices, to multiple character shapes, learn to create and operate a wide range of Muppet Style puppets.

Students of all ages will have a chance to create their very own Muppet Style Puppet. At the conclusion of the workshop, they will perform in a show for their families, friends and the public. Our instructors help all along the way in this fun, nurturing and engaging class.

Students will take their elaborate Muppet Style Puppets  home with them at the conclusion of the course.


Please bring a bagged lunch.

Students should bring a long sleeve shirt or costume that fits the puppeteer, and can be altered to integrate with their new puppet. All other supplies will be provided.


This class is underwritten with financial support by the generosity of the Grand Foundation.

Muppets 2018.jpg
Muppet Style Puppet Making Workshop 2015

Muppet Style Puppet Workshop  2015

The Grand Theatre - Tracy, CA.



Whether it's a piece of wood, paper, glue, foam or string... learn the behind the scenes art of theatre prop building for school or community stage production.



Haunted House - 2012

The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts- Tracy, CA



Working in teams, start with an idea, then a sketch and apply measurements to create beautiful sets that embelish theatre scenes for major school or community stage production.

Testing the Giant for the "Fantasy Comes Alive"

show 2013  Newark Days, Newark, CA



Utilize your voice to create multiple

charactors to performa various roles. Learn the power of vocal support and different pitches to expand your range as a voice over performer.


Voiceover Audition

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