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Far from your typical entertainment show, Intermission Productions creates holiday shows like you’ve never experienced before. Spectacular and thoroughly fresh entertainment filled with engaging characters, brilliant scenery and witty comedy.

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Holiday Shows by Intermission Productions
Santa | Intermission Productions
Happy Holidays
Rudolph | Intermision Productions
Frosty | Intermisson Productions
Sleigh Girls

See the 2018-2019 Holiday Events below.  Once we know the details of the 2020 Holiday Show Schedules we will update immediately.  Check back often and have a wonderful 2020!

Andy & Jeff Sae Christmas

In this hilariously satirical Christmas show, Halloween is all but forgotten as Count Wolfbane plots to kidnap Rudolph to stop Christmas from coming.  It is a delightful comedy with surprise guest characters crashing the festivities adding to the laughs, and exciting climactic ending.  You won't believe the fun and the laughs as the audience joins in on the act, along with “Andy and Jeff” (the comical Elves), Frosty and many others as they SAVE CHRISTMAS! 

Santa's Events 2018
Santa's Events logo Intermission Productons, Inc.

Ring in the holidays with the arrival of Mr. Kris Kringle himself. Santa Claus is coming to town! He will welcome every boy and girl and spend time listening to all of their wishes. Photo time is never so important as when your child experiences the magic of the holiday with good old Saint Nick.

Santa & Mrs. Claus


Contact us below to find out how we can bring a customized event to your place of business, home or other creative venue you may have in mind.

Fantasy Comes Alive Giant Testing
Holiday Fantasy Comes Alive

This is the most extravagant and sought after show that Intermission Productions offers.  Prepare to enter into a space of theatrical wonder, as dreams really do come true in our “Fantasy Comes Alive” production.  Featuring captivating music, dazzling special effects, audiences will be charmed by the entertaining escapades featuring their favorite fairy tale characters.It is storytelling filled with celebration and excitement combined with imagination and brought to life in a spectacular experience that is pure enchantment. 

Easter Bunny and Allice
Giant flowers
Easter set with lawn

The Easter & Spring Wonderland Celebration is the perfect fun filled holiday event for families with young children.  Children get up close and personal with some of our popular characters and get to participate in the entertaining escapades.  This delightful and unique experience places you and your little ones in an interactive magical playground where anything goes.


Set up may include giant life-like flowers, grass, giant Easter eggs for props, small kid size park benches (3) and more.


1.  The show starts with “Randy and Rindy the Rockin' Raccoons” encouraging the kids in the audience to dance with them.


2.  “Timber the Country Wolf” asks for lots of hugs and plays a rousing performance of spoons.


3.  “Zeek and Petunia” are the original Easter Bunny family and they lead everyone in a traditional old fashioned Bunny Hop.


4.  “Peter Cottontail” can play either himself, or “Mr. White Rabbit.”


5.  Easter Egg Hunt.  Client is given the egg order information in advance to ensure that they arrive in time for the event.  Our crew will handle the Easter Egg Hunt activity part. 


The show concludes with “Alice in Wonderland” to take pictures while the Easter Egg Hunt is in operation.

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