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Tornado • Hurricane • Cyclone • Twister•   Storm • Lightening • Whirlwind • Dust Devil

 Custom Tornado Mascot Design & Creation 

Our custom Tornado, Hurricane, Cyclone, Storm, Lightening, Whirlwind, and Dust Devil mascots are UNBELIEVABLE!!

Made with the power of thunder...we aim to please our clients. Choose from a large variety of custom body, arms, legs and moving lightning bolt colors based on your school or organization. This guy will surely make an explosive entrance for any sport, cheer leading or promotional event. Contact us today for personal custom specifications and requirements.

We encourage you to visit Eureka High School's exciting custom mascot video:

"Eureka Cheer Make Introduction"

The Eureka Tornado Cheer squad introduces Twister the Tornado mascot

Happy School Assembly Intro New Tornado
Tornado Mascot - Intermission Productions

We can customize any color combinations and facial expressions of your choosing. 


"No two Intermission Productions' custom mascots are exactly alike."


Simply provide us with your custom drawings and we will design your "unique" mascot.


We encourage you to contact us for a personalized "one on one consultation" to discuss design options for your "premium" mascot.

Tornado Mascot - Intermission Productions
Tornado Mascot - Intermission Productions
Tornado Mascot Drawing | Intermission Productions
Tornado Mascot - Intermission Productions
Tornado Mascot - Intermission Productions
Sulpuur High School Tornado Mascot
Sulphur High School Tornado Mascot

Every one of our mascots are built with quality, durability, movability and affordability in mind.


The life of most other mascots is really only about 5-7 years.

We build a strong lightweight structure from the inside out,

so your mascot will last over 20 years with proper care.


Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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